Penile Papilloma in Men: Symptoms and Ways of Treatment

According to statistics, most of the population of the Earth is the carrier of HPV.  from the human carrier. One of the rather unpleasant problems that causes this virus are papillomas on the glans (head) of the penis. The appearance of such a growth should be a reason for an immediate visit to a specialist, since at this location a man is a 100% carrier of an infectious agent and can easily infect his sexual partner. In addition, the disease causes serious discomfort and greatly affects the psychological state of the patient. Papillomas on the head of the penis cause discomfort not only to men, but also carry the threat of infection to his sexual partner, which is the main reason why it is necessary to get rid of papilloma penile as quickly as possible.



Why Do Penile Papillomas Appear?

The immediate cause that can lead to the occurrence of this disease is the ingestion of HPV, the most common virus that causes an infection of the genital tract. Most types of virus do not cause any problems to the carrier for a long time. After a man is infected, some time passes without any symptoms. Now there is a number of data indicating that papillomas on the head of the penis are directly related to the occurrence of genital cancer. Given the frequent long-term asymptomatic carriage, you need to understand that for the occurrence of the disease, the human papillomavirus in men must be in certain conditions. One of the most important is the reduction of immunity.

Promiscuous sex life — one of the sources of papilloma virus. Among other things, the risk group for the appearance of papilloma on the head includes men, who are characterized by the following:

  • Promiscuous sex life.
  • Frequent infectious diseases.
  • The presence of concomitant chronic pathologies.
  • The presence of bad habits.
  • Malnutrition, characterized by a lack of nutritional vitamins.

Thus, most often the occurrence of papilloma under the head or other localization on the penis is associated with the person himself. That is why it is so important to monitor your health and lead a healthy lifestyle. This will significantly reduce the risk of this pathology and will allow you not to think about how to get rid of penile papillomas.


Symptoms of Penile Papilloma

It is worth noting that penile papillomas on the head is a rare occurrence. In addition, the disease for more than a year may be asymptomatic. After the onset of the manifestation period, manifestations appear, in the form of papillomas of a certain localization, namely:71sveXpRLdL._SL1400_1024x1024

  • Around the head.
  • On the bridle.
  • On the foreskin.
  • Directly in the urethra.
  • In the course of the coronal sulcus.

Before the formation of characteristic external manifestations, the papillomavirus, which affected the male genital organ, can manifest itself with the following penile papilloma symptoms:

  • An accumulation of secretions of the foreskin in an excessive amount.
  • The appearance of erosive lesions.
  • Inflammatory diseases of the penis.

However, most often, asymptomatic course is characteristic of pathology. In the early stages, no organ is affected and patients do not even think about the need for treatment.


Are Penile Papillomas Dangerous?

Some men mistakenly believe that the appearance of papillomas causes only aesthetic problems. However, this is fundamentally wrong, depending on the location, the papillomavirus can cause a number of serious problems, namely:

  • Frequent bleeding associated with damage to tumors.
  • Frequent pain and discomfort during urination, if the lesion is located in the urethra.
  • Infection of the sexual partner.

It is worth noting that the appearance of papillomas in women can lead to such a serious complication as cervical cancer. In addition, the occurrence of tumors in the chest glands. Also, the presence of a human papilloma virus in a woman can lead to infection of the unborn child. Therefore, when a man has noticed an appearance of papillomas on the head of his sexual organ, it is important to immediately seek the help of a specialist.


What Is Included in the Penile Papilloma Diagnostics?

Most often, after identifying the first papillomas, the man turns for help to specialists such as a urologist or a venereologist. External manifestations can immediately suspect the disease, but for a more accurate diagnosis may need data from the following examinations:

  • HPV Digene-Test — a test with the highest clinical sensitivity, aimed at identifying specific DNA fragments of human papillomavirus.
  • HPV Digene-Test — a test with the highest clinical sensitivity, aimed at identifying specific DNA fragments of human papillomavirus.
  • Polymerase chain reaction is needed not only to confirm the presence of a virus in a man’s body, but also to determine the exact strain. It is necessary to identify the risk of malignant transformation.
  • Rapid tests. One of the most modern research methods is the so-called Digene-test. Like PCR, it allows you to detect the presence of a virus in the blood, as well as the level of its effects on the body.
  • Swabs on oncocytology. If you suspect a malignant nature of the process, the doctor may prescribe this examination. This allows us to study the cellular composition of the neoplasm and to say with precision what the process is.

Thus, when papillomas appear on the penis, or rather on its head, it is quite simple to confirm the diagnosis. But, in any case, it is important to consult a specialist in order to exclude a malignant pathology and to begin an adequate treatment.



Can Penile Papilloma Cause Any Complications?

Papillomas are a precancerous condition. This means that with a long course of the disease, a transition to a malignant neoplasm is possible. When the male genital organ is affected, the emergence of such a terrible disease as penile cancer is possible. This tumor is prone to metastasis, which means that with a long process, any nearby internal organ can be affected. There are three main forms of the disease:

  • Papillary cancer. The most favorable flow. It is characterized by extremely late metastasis. In clinical practice, there are cases when, without treatment, the patient lived for more than 10 years without distant metastases.
  • Ulcerative cancer. This form is characterized by rapid growth and severe damage to the cavernous body. Extremely early metastasis to regional nodes is observed.
  • Knotty shape. It is quite rare, it takes a long time and is characterized by relatively late metastasis.

Some specialists also separately distinguish the edematous form of cancer, which is characterized by extremely aggressive growth. With this type, any distant organ can be affected very early. If a malignant neoplasm is suspected, a specialist may additionally order such examinations as ultrasound (ultrasound) or CT (computed tomography).


What Is the Best Penile Papilloma Treatment?

People suffering from this pathology are interested in the question of how to treat papillomas. The first thing to understand is that the treatment of a disease must be comprehensive. In addition to the immediate removal of papillomas, it is important to improve the condition of the immune system, as well as sanitize the foci of chronic infection. Otherwise, papillomas may reappear after surgical treatment.

Also, do not try to self-medicate, people claiming to know how to treat papillomas at home are most often wrong. Papillomas located in the genital area can lead to the formation of malignant tumors without the improper removal. That is why, removal of papillomas should be carried out exclusively by a specialist. There are a number of surgical techniques that allow removal, namely:depositphotos_245140886-stock-video-removal-of-papillomas-and-warts

  • Laser removal.
  • Surgical removal.
  • Removal by electric current.
  • Removal by radio wave radiation.
  • Removal after freezing.

If to estimate their efficiency, then the most optimal method of treatment of this disease is removal with a laser. This method is characterized by a low probability of recurrence. It is worth noting that after the procedure, small scars may remain at the site of exposure.  Some experts recommend the use of methods of chemical exposure, namely:

  • Cytostatics.
  • Destruction of papillomas under the influence of aggressive chemical agents.

The complex, in the treatment of chemicals, should also include special, immunostimulating agents. Thus, the treatment of diseases caused by the human papillomavirus is an extremely complex process that must take place under the direct supervision of the attending physician. Only this will help to avoid a number of unpleasant complications from both the genitourinary system and from other organs.

You need to understand that any disease is easier to prevent than to cure. And papillomas are no exception. The first thing you need to know is that the human papillomavirus cannot cause serious disruption in normal conditions. For this disease to occur, the immune system needs to be weakened.

In this regard, the main measure of prevention of pathologies caused by the human papilloma virus is the maintenance of immunity in good order. To do this, follow these guidelines:UACF_EG_Hero_NoBadge_Healthy-Eating-752x472

  • Lead an active lifestyle, but do not allow excessive physical exertion.
  • Eliminate bad habits. Alcohol and smoking affect the entire body and the immune system is no exception.
  • Sanitize foci of chronic infection. In the presence of chronic inflammation, the human immune system is under constant pressure. This leads to a decrease in the overall protection of the body.
  • Eat right. It is extremely important that the body does not have avitaminosis. For this purpose, in the winter and spring, it is recommended to use special vitamin complexes for men’s health.

Thus, penile papilomas appearing on the male genital organs are an extremely serious disease that requires immediate medical intervention. That is why, when the first symptoms appear, it is extremely important to seek the professional medical help.

Автор: Brandith Irwin

Brandith Irwin is a board-ensured dermatologist and originator of Madison Skin and Laser Center in Seattle.

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