Papilloma Definition: What Is Papilloma and What Causes Its Appearance?

What is the papilloma definition? Scientists define papilloma as a neoplasm that appears on the body caused by the human papillomavirus. Human papilloma virus definition is “the virus is transmitted by contact, from person to person and weakening immunity.” Those types of papillomas that appear on the body are transmitted through bodily contact or through the use of common objects (door knob, tumbler, towel, clothing, etc.). The stronger the immune system, the less likely the appearance of papillomas. Therefore, in people with a large number of neoplasms, the immunity is weaker. Papillomavirus is also transmitted during childbirth from mother to child.



How Do Papillomas Differ?

Neoplasms can appear both on human skin and on mucous membranes. They are quite easy to see, each person will be able to notice a wart. There are about 60 types of warts and papillomas. Papillomas and warts differ from each other in that the papillomas are soft, do not have a keratinous layer, and the warts are more severe. They also look different: on a long or short leg, on a broad basis.


According to the papillomas definition, not all papillomas are harmless. Some types of viruses, namely 16 and 18, increase the risk of oncology 2000 times. This is the so-called genital warts. They appear on the genitals, have the appearance of cauliflower or cockscomb. Especially the risk of oncology concerns women because of the specific structure of the genital organs and fluctuations in hormonal levels.


Diagnostics of Papillomas

It is especially important to detect genital warts in time because of the risk of oncology. They can hide in the folds of the mucous membranes, then they are difficult to detect during the inspection. There is a test, when a 3% solution of trichloroacetic acid is applied to the mucosa, and the papillomas turn white. In order to understand the high-oncogenic papillomas or not, screening is carried out for 17 viruses in a smear. If the analysis result of the papilloma virus definition is negative, then simply remove the wart or papilloma. If it turns out that these are highly oncogenic types, then the body should be treated for the virus.


Do You Need to Remove Papillomas or Will They Disappear on Their Own?

1468520510154[1]The wart is easily removed. There are several methods for this. It happens that the papillomas disappear by themselves. The immune system copes with the virus, and papillomas disappear. You can remove the papilloma by yourself using special creams that are sold in a pharmacy. These products contain chemical components that burn papilloma. Papillomas and warts are removed from a dermatologist with the help of a laser, liquid nitrogen or an electrocoagulator. If there are a lot of them in one place and it is impossible to delete everything, then one or two of the largest ones are removed, the rest often disappear by themselves.

In some cases, warts need to be treated by acting on the virus. This applies to high oncogenic types, especially in women. In this case, immunostimulants and antiviral drugs (interferon inducers) are used. It makes sense to cure a virus if papillomas create a cosmetic problem — they appear on the eyelids, on the nose or on the lips.

It is important to bear in mind that in the treatment of papillomas, the level of relapses is high if the virus is not destroyed. This means that papilloma may appear again in the same place where it was, or in another area of the skin. A vaccine has now been developed to prevent infection by viruses that increase the risk of cancer.

Now you know the definition of papilloma and should do your best to prevent their appearance.



Автор: Brandith Irwin

Brandith Irwin is a board-ensured dermatologist and originator of Madison Skin and Laser Center in Seattle.

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