Why Does Nasal Papilloma Appear and How Dangerous Is It?

Various papillomas can appear anywhere on the body. Papilloma in nose appears not less often than on the arms and neck. Usually, these papillomas are benign but the fact that they can block the nasal passage and become difficult to breathe is very dangerous. Such papilloma must be removed but this should be done under the supervision of the attending physician.

Nasal papilloma appears the same as other formations on the body, with the activation of human papillomavirus (HPV). This virus gets on the skin of a healthy person and can not give any manifestations for a long time. Usually inverted nasal papilloma occurs after reducing the protective function of the body.



What Causes Nasal Papilloma NHS?

What are nasal papilloma causes? The formation of papillomas in the nose occurs under the influence of the papillomavirus that has penetrated into the human body. At the same time, the infectious agent is able to manifest itself for nothing over a long period. Only with a confluence of favorable circumstances, obvious symptoms develop. The list of factors that can lead to the development of the disease includes:

  • weakened immunity;
  • long-term use of hormonal or antimicrobial drugs;
  • often developing infectious diseases and exacerbation of chronic forms;
  • lack of vitamins;
  • unfavorable ecological situation;
  • bad habits.

Having become infected with a virus, you may be unaware of this health problem for long but with the growth of intranasal papilloma , at first, mild discomfort is becoming more and more common, and the following symptoms develop:

  • There are problems with breathing.
  • There is profuse nasal bleeding.
  • Buzziness causes itching.

In the absence of adequate inverted papilloma nasal therapy, papillomas in nose destroy the adjacent tissues and penetrate into the cranial cavity.


Disctinctive Features of Papilloma in the Nose

If you check nasal papilloma pictures you will see two main types of nose papillomas are defined: papillomas formed on the threshold of the nose and formed in its cavity. The first in relation to the structure are not much different from neoplasms that appear on other skin areas. They have the following properties: Papilloma in the nose is not only a cosmetic defect but also a serious medical problem. Papilloma on the threshold of the nose has light surface color, dense texture, small size.benign-tumours[1]

Such a papilloma in the nose does not cause any inconvenience to its carrier. It is not difficult to diagnose it. It is necessary to use antiviral pharmaceutical preparations. In the case when conservative therapy does not have the expected effect, doctors proceed to surgical methods of treatment. Much less often papillomas develop in a nasal cavity, causing thus more fears. In children, the pathology of this species is rarely diagnosed, much more often the disease affects patients of the older age category.

Nasal papilloma symptoms: on the walls of the nostrils, less often on the septum of the nose, a transitional cell papilloma is formed, capable of hitting not only the soft tissues, but also the bone. The papilloma is distinguished by a rapid increase in size, the risk of its transformation into a cancerous tumor is high.

Inverting papilloma nose is an unpleasant consequence of chronic rhinitis, viral infection or an allergic reaction of the body. Such formations are considered dangerous, given the possibility of rebirth over time into a tumor of a malignant nature. According to statistics, the risk of rebirth of inverted papilloma of nose and paranasal sinuses  reaches 5%, respectively, when diagnosing this subtype, treatment should be quick and competent. Another problem faced by carriers of papillomas in the nasal cavity is their rapid increase in size, which leads to difficulty breathing. Gradually, papilloma on nose can grow into nearby soft, cartilage and bone tissue.


How to Treat Sinonasal papilloma?

In cases where papilloma is located in the vestibule, the effective effect is often achieved with the help of local preparations with a destructive effect. Necrotic ointments may be used, including Condilin or Vartek, cryotherapeutic drugs such as Cryopharma, keratolytics — such as Kolomak or special anti-papilloma pen. Antiviral Oxolinic Ointment may be included in the complex treatment.71sveXpRLdL._SL1400_1024x1024

Removal of inverted papillomas usually requires open surgery, due to the high recurrence rate — according to statistics, nasal papillomas are observed in 40-80% of cases. The use of endoscopic techniques, which allows access to the tumor without an open incision, is also recommended. Compared with standard nasal papilloma surgery, this method is distinguished by better cosmetic results, rapid postoperative patient recovery, low pain, no scarring, and a low risk of infection. Also removal of nasal squamous papilloma  can be carried out using laser method; radio wave therapy; cryodestruction using liquid nitrogen.

Each of nasal papilloma treatment methods works in its own way, but as a result, the dead tissue of the papilloma remains in the nose, which over time is rejected by healthy cells. Electric current and excision — especially when it is necessary to eliminate a neoplasm in a child — are used much less frequently, since anesthesia needs to be activated and a long recovery period is subsequently observed. In parallel with the removal of nasal inverted papilloma drugs are prescribed, the action of which is aimed at strengthening the immune system.



Автор: Brandith Irwin

Brandith Irwin is a board-ensured dermatologist and originator of Madison Skin and Laser Center in Seattle.

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